Elusive State of Jefferson

Peter Laufer advocates changing the name of the elusive State of Jefferson to Garbo (after Greta) on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and in the Eugene (OR) Register-Guard and the Eureka (CA) Times-Standard.  Laufer’s book, The Elusive State of Jefferson is published by Globe Pequot Press.  The Medford (OR) Mail Tribune says Laufer finds the State of Jefferson “a pipe dream worth writing about.”

A fascinating account,” says Steve Bass at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Lively, vivid and compelling,” says University of Oregon Professor Steven Shankman, who adds, “Laufer reveals how the way we report on events has a profound effect on the events themselves and may, in some cases, create them.”

Keith Scribner, author of The Oregon Experiment, says, “With uncanny skill and a sharp eye,” Laufer “reveals conflicts that resonate with all of us.”

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