Organic on KQED

Peter Laufer joined Michael Krasny on his KQED “Forum” to talk organic food with the public radio audience.  A few days earlier he did the same with Geoffrey Riley on “The Jefferson Exchange” to the Jefferson Public Radio audience.

From the book Organic:

We rarely ascertain the origins of most organic foods we consume. That provenance is suspect at best and tainted at worst. It’s time to advance the debate from “Is organic better?” to “Is what’s sold as organic really organic?” We need to question the organic guarantees the marketplace promises consumers who pay premium prices for organic food, question the integrity of the organic food chain, and question the morality of sourcing high-priced organic food in locales where farm workers and food producers labor in abusive conditions. If we are what we eat, we need to know what we’re eating and how it came to our dinner plates.

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